This is a pre-reflection post. I’m still writing quite a bit on my journal about how 2018 has been and all the beautiful lessons I have learnt.

But if there’s something I am really thankful for is the restored dreams. After the road-blocks career-wise I got to a point where I concluded I’d never make it. I even stopped dreaming for more than a year. I was so stuck up in the mentality that “university education” is the only key to success.

But God has so organized events that I happened to be back home and initially I hated this until my friends and I started engaging about enterpreneurship. And these talks have opened my mind so much that there are so many dreams in the pipeline.

So, 2018 has been about reviving my dreams and 2019 is definitely for implementation. I cannot thank God enough for the assurance that ALL my dreams will come to pass.

I am thankful. I pray that dream that keeps you all night comes to pass.